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Breadbox or Justice?

A Comparative Study

Closer to a Breadbox or the Concept of Justice?
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While playing "Is it closer to a breadbox or the concept of justice?" I discovered that the majority of items out there don't fall neatly into either camp. Quite a bit of lively internal debate has been waged over this particular subject, hence the inspiration for this community.

The basic premise is simple. We are here to answer one question and one question alone: "Is it closer to a breadbox or the concept of justice?" The possibilities are endless and rather ambiguous, but a consensus shall be reached.

Every week When I feel like it, I'll pose the question, "Is _________ closer to a breadbox or to the concept of justice?" with some new subject. It is your job to convince everyone else of the answer. Some time later, I'll post a poll where everyone can vote on the outcome. Friendly debate is encouraged. Absurd commentary is strongly encouraged. Those with a sense of humor are members of my personal honor guard and are deserving of Our Royal Protection. Please drink responsibly.

For those unfamiliar with the original game, usually this is played in reverse, with one person choosing an object that is kept secret while questions are posed, a little like twenty questions. The game always begins with "Is it closer to a breadbox or the concept of justice?" The chooser answers appropriately, and the questions continue, always using the answer from the previous question for comparison (For example, the next question might be, "Is it closer to an elephant or a breadbox?", perhaps followed by, "Is it closer to Muenster cheese or an elephant?").